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Vera Kobalia

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1999 - Graduated from King George’s High school
2004 - Graduated from the British Columbia Institute of Technology; Business administration and Informational Technologies

Vera Kobalia - the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development visited Tbilisi infants’ orphanage located on Nutsubidze Street with a charitable mission. The Minister presented the little ones with clothes, blankets, toys and sweets. The kids even held a little concert for the guest and performed songs and dances. 139 kids below the age of 6 live in the orphanage at this moment, including newborns.

Situated at the strategically important crossroads where Europe meets Asia, Georgia has undergone almost a decade of reforms aimed at modernizing and privatizing its economy.

EU will observe voting process and media monitoring for local elections in Georgia. Vice Prime Minster of Georgia Giorgi Baramidze received letter from EU. As Baramidze’s office informs InterpressNews, the letter says that EU is ready to actively involve in election monitoring issues.

U.S. President Barak Obama's phone call last week to Georgian counterpart Mikheil Saakashvili came with Georgia's pro-Western political regime increasingly isolated in the post-Soviet space. Russia is on the offensive to restore its dominating influence, and the West has insufficient resources or will to curb this trend.

US Consulate simplifies issuing non-immigrant visas.
From 1 May, Instead of completing DS-156, DS-157 and DS-158 forms, only DS-160 form will be necessary to complete, personal information with photograph will be attached to it. 
Completing the form will be possible only by internet, online regime -
After filling the form, electronic version will be sent to the consulate and appointments will be scheduled for visa interview. 
The first electronic DS-160 non-immigrant visa form public presentation was held today at Illia State University. University students and other interested people who attended the presentation, were introduced to the novelties by US Consular Chief Patrik Wingate, vice Consul and other collaborators of the consulate. 
Presentations will be held in big towns of Georgia till 30 April.

Russian occupants didn’t allow parliamentary assembly of Council of Europe to enter so called South Ossetia. Negotiations lasted about an hour by Ergneti checkpoint on letting them to the territory of de-facto republic. 

Polish President Lech Kaczynski and his wife have died in a plane crash, Russian media says.
A plane carrying the President has crashed near a Russian airport. Russian media reported that 87 people were killed in the crash near Smolensk, and a regional governor was quoted as saying there were no survivors.

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Profile of Lech Kaczynski

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Polish President Lech Kaczynski was born in 18 June 1949.
He was elected as Poland's president in 2005 as candidate of the Law and Justice Party.
The Law and Justice party, which stresses the traditional values of the Roman Catholic Church, was founded by him and his twin brother, Jaroslaw, in 2001.

April 6, 2010 is listed in the history of independent Kyrgyzstan as the day of desperate protest actions against current regime. The opposition between people and officials, initiated in the western city of Talas, turned into clashes with police and task forces. The government responded immediately, detaining the opposition leaders, directly and indirectly involved in the Talas events, throughout the republic. The civil disturbance may reach all other regions of the republic and Bishkek.

It's time I shared my delicious discovery with you. It's the Georgian baguette, as made by Otari Kobalia of European Breads Bakery, 4324 Fraser St. It's a rustic baguette that's flatter and more irregular than the French version.

We would like to highly recommend this production on March 11, 2010 at Columbia University's Miller Theater of Host and Guest by the Synetic Theater.