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Abkhazia Press Center: News Announcement

High Commissioner helps fill the information gap for minorities in Georgia

At 8:00 a.m. every morning, Parvana TV Director Kostya Vartanian arrives at his studio in Georgia's Javakheti region, a predominantly ethnic Armenian area. With OSCE support, the station is now broadcasting daily TV programmes in Armenian, as well as translating news from across the country.


EU Hails Tbilisi’s ‘All-Inclusive’ Efforts in South Ossetia

The European Union, in a statement made at the OSCE Permanent Council in Vienna on June 14, welcomed the Georgian government’s attempts to engage in an “all-inclusive consultative process” with all the forces within South Ossetia.
The statement came in response to Foreign Minister Gela Bezhuashvili's address to the Permanent Council, in which he had said that the emergence of Tbilisi-loyal Dimitri Sanakoev’s administration – which he referred to as the “People of South Ossetia for Peace” movement - “symbolizes the new reality” in South Ossetia.

Appeal to the world community

Statements  # 7/004-07

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აფხაზეთის ლტოლვილთა საზოგადოება
Council Abkhazia refugees


Abkhazia Refugees’ Council will be demanding of Georgia

“Abkhazia separatists, functioning within open instigation and cooperation by Russian Reactionists, have to take legal responsibility not only for ethnic cleansing and genocide of Abkhazia population, but causing financial damages suffered by local population and Georgia Republic as a whole.” Such statement was made by the head of Abkhazia Refugees’ Council – Irakli Gagua.

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