Open Letter to National Geographic

By Dr. Ramaz Mitaishvili
On May 14, 2007 I sent letter to “National Geographic” , since I did not receive any response.
"It has been brought to our attention that one of your photographers by the name of Ms. Beth Wald has created a website (http://bethwal...)
which presents in a favorable light the tribalistic separatist regime in Abkhazia that has been involved in terrorism mass murders and ethnic cleansing in this breakaway province of Georgia in an effort to promote herself. We sincerely hope that this lady has become a victim of brainwash on behalf of the above-mentioned regime and had no intention of aiding racist and terrorist groups and organizations.
The comments on her website definitely left us confused but not speechless. No peace has been reached after the bloody war in Abkhazia. Some 80% of the province's pre-war population have been forcibly displaced basing on their ethnic/racial backgrounds and are still banned from their homeland. As you may be aware, in 1992 Russian-armed Apsua militias along with the terrorists from North Caucasia as well as some Arab mercenaries started the war taking benefits of full-scale support on behalf of Russian military. They carried out a pre-planned ethnic cleansing and massacred thousands of native Abkhazians whose only "fault" was that most of them were ethnic Georgians. The terrorists have also cleansed Abkhazia of its Greek, Jewish and Estonian communities. Having achieved a temporary military victory, the separatists launched a "project" that was aimed at total elimination ethnic Georgian population of Abkhazia in violation of all norms of the international humanitarian laws. Their practice of genocide and ethnic cleansing remains unpunished to this day.

The above stated website and its contents beg for some questions. For example, in case Ms Wald had been appointed to do some work on behalf of your magazine, was she ever instructed and informed about the political situation in Abkhazia or did she make her trip ignorant of the events that took place in this breakaway province of Georgia shortly before her visit? Was she ever informed about the evidence of the continued cynical and horrendous crimes perpetrated by the separatists against a peaceful population that includes but is not limited to rape, torture and malicious physical mutilation of the survivors? It would probably be enough if the indictments were to stop here, however we should also add to the above that the victims of the aforementioned brutality were not only adults but innocent children as well. The gruesome trophies of these inhumane crimes are the cut off nipples of adolescent victims to prevent them from breastfeeding their future children collected in matchboxes by those monsters who committed the above crimes. Another question: was she ever informed that over 35 000 innocent Georgians, mainly women and children, were brutally murdered and some 300,000 were turned into refugees simply because of their Georgian ethnicity? And finally, was Ms. Wald aware that visiting Abkhazia without official permission of Georgian authorities was an offence?

Please make us aware of your appropriate action to stop this unbelievable and open support of the criminal regime while using the name of such a respectable publication as yours. Otherwise, we may have reasons to believe that your organization is to some extent involved in support of terrorists and mass murderers. "

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