AISER and EBRU TV Meeting in New Jersey

On June 27 Mr. Vasili Rukhadze from the Abkhazia Institute for Social and Economic Research (AISER) met with the representatives of New Jersey based Turkish TV channel EBRU TV. The meeting took place at the TV Corporation's New Jersey headquarters.
The meeting was initiated by Mr.Ushangi Rezhinashvili and Irakli Gagua from AISER and organized by Mr. Hayati Kucuk, the founder of International Black Sea University and Private Demirel College in Georgia. Mr. Kucuk is ethnic Georgian who was born and raised in Turkey. He was granted dual citizenship of Georgia by President Mikheil Saakshvili. Mr. Kucuk is well known and active figure in Georgian cultural and political circles.
During the meeting in New Jersey Mr. Hayati Kucuk, Mr. Vasili Rukhadze and EBRU TV representatives discussed the prospects of creating cultural, economic and political TV programs about the Georgian community in the United States. Mr. Kucuk expressed his desire to bring America's whole Georgian community together and is hopeful that the cooperation with EBRU TV will be very productive.

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