AISER Institutional Purpose

AISER’s educational department current mission statement provides a clear definition of its purpose that is appropriate both to collegiate education and to its own specific educational role. The mission statement explicitly describes the institution’s role in the community, with specific attention given to its characteristics, including size, academic components, student services, and continuing education opportunities. AISER educational department’s current mission statement reads as follows:
At Abkhazia Institute of Social and Economic Research, we prepare for successful careers in different field.
At AISER, we:
•    Conduct all aspects of our business with integrity;
•    Are customer focused and treat all individuals with respect;
•    Are committed to quality performance and continuous improvement
•    Are committed to life- long learning and believe in the value of continuous education;
•    Are active community citizens
The mission statement addresses the components of the institution and its operations. Key aspects of AISER’s role are to provide "…quality education…" and to promote "…economic development mainly in Abkhazia and Tshinvali region of Georgia." Training and education to support health delivery development will be an integral part of the mission.
Another aspect of AISER’s mission speaks to a more comprehensive role than that of traditional collegiate education: "As an open-door institution of higher education, the University provides lifelong learning opportunities for traditional and nontraditional students. These opportunities enhance the economic, social and cultural life of the community." That AISER is an open-door institution is evident from the general admissions requirements for its various programs as described in the Catalog. Entry requirements for many programs are a high school diploma or GED and minimum SAT/ACT scores or qualifying scores on the College’s Computerized Placement Tests (CPTs). However, legal adults (18 years of age and over) can enroll as non-degree seeking students prior to meeting admissions requirements for specific programs

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