Our Support to Georgia

This is an email I have been sending to various US government officials and this email is the GEORGIAN Embassy in Washington DC who I did speak with today.
My Family is Praying for your Nation/ Have you thought of Website support for your nation We supported Israel this way in 2006

I have been deeply saddened to hear of the invasion of your nation and though myself have never served in the USA Armed Forces both my sons Matthew US Army Specialist and Fortune USMC in Baghdad and my nephews Daniel and Nathaniel USMC on there way to the war zone soon. My son Matthew was critically injured in Baghdad IED explosion in early 2008 home now recovering from major injuries sustained in combat operations. If I remember my son saying that there was Georgian troops on the ground supporting our nation in Iraq. Thank you for supporting our nation. I can only pray our great nation of Democracy will open the flood gates of support for your new nation and resist the invasion occurring today.

Today my heart has cried out to GOD for the GEORGIAN NATION and her PEOPLE, also for those innocent people from both sides caught in the middle. I have asked our God to protect your nation, that He would stop the current escalation of violence and move the hearts of our leadership here in the Unites States to embrace our ally GEORGIA and give all needed support. I as an American thank you for supporting our nation at the time of need. I am retired law enforcement and thou on occasion I was faced with the threat of immanent danger, I have never faced the continuous onslaught of immanent death or an overwhelming force invading our nation. We as Americans have been spoiled while many world nations struggle for their individual identity and Democracies from the Communistic Dictatorships and various oppressions. I myself can only pray.


I also have a heart for Israel and pray also for them and we as a family have supported their needs in time of war such as in 2006. The Jerusalem Post news paper had many organizations on their website that were legitimate emergency services and organizations where they had a means of donating allowing others to donate for humanitarian needs. If people knew where and how to give support, I believe you would see this happen. This demonstrated to the Israeli people and the world how many supported Israel and their right for survival.

You may consider such an idea where others could donate to medical, humanitarian and other needs of your nation. We are a Christian family and believe in righteous justice and support. I pray that God will move the hearts of all parties to swiftly cease the current violence and that He God would move the hearts of many to rally support behind your people. I believe in both GEORGIA AND RUSSIA/ OLD USSR there are Christians who are praying right now for a cease in violence.

I will be emailing our government representatives and asking them to stand up and support your nation and stop the aggression of the USSR.

Brian Wilcox
Tehachapi, California

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