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New Imaging Technique May Enhance Accuracy of Cancer Surgery

The technique makes use of a portable system called FLARE, short for Fluorescence-Assisted Resection and Exploration, which consists of a near-infrared imaging system, a video monitor, and a computer.


Earlier and More Aggressive LDL Lowering, or Better Approaches for Targeting High-Risk Individuals?

Writing in the August 5, 2008 issue of Circulation, Drs Daniel Steinberg, Christopher Glass, and Joseph Witztum (all from the University of California, San Diego [UCSD]) point out that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) now recognizes that for individuals at high risk, treatment to LDL-cholesterol levels <70 mg/dL is better than previously recommended targets of <100 mg/dL. The researchers suggest, however, that treating to LDL-cholesterol levels to between 40 and 60 mg/dL confers even more benefit.


Thromboembolism Prophylaxis Could Reduce Maternal Deaths After C-Section

"We have already successfully implemented the universal use of pneumatic compression devices for all cesarean patients in 96% of our facilities providing obstetric care, and will bring the remaining facilities into compliance by year's end," Dr. Steven L. Clark from Hospital Corporation of America, Salt Lake City, Utah told Reuters Health. "We have seen no significant resistance. It seemed like such a natural thing to do that our hospitals and the physicians practicing there have eagerly adopted this policy in order to improve patient safety."


Polyalkylimide Dermal Fillers Linked to Inflammatory and Granulomatous Reactions

"According to the manufacturer's information, polyalkylimide structures do not change over time and do not move or migrate," write Jaume Alijotas-Reig, MD, PhD, from the Vall d'Hebron University Hospital, in Barcelona, Spain, and colleagues. "In the early reports on PAI injections for cosmetic purposes, there were no significant signs of bioincompatibility. However, more recent evidence refutes these statements, and so the complete safety of PAI gels can no longer be assured."


To Help Your Memory, Relax and Take a Break

A new study, performed by New York University’s department of psychology and Center for Neural Science, shows that a time of rest right after a learning experience or lesson may allow the brain to process this new information and chronicle it for future reference.


Canada sends 5 million doses of H1N1 vaccine to WHO

Canada is donating five million doses of H1N1 vaccine to the World Health Organization for use in developing countries.

The federal government will also donate $6 million to WHO's pandemic relief efforts, Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq announced Thursday.


Bihar govt. to sign MoU with Gates Foundation

A memorandum of understanding will soon be signed between the Bihar government and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for executing a slew of health projects in selected districts of the State.


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