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The President of Georgia met the rescued sailors in Turkey

The President of Georgia met the Georgian sailors, led by an official Georgian delegation, who arrived in Turkey from Kenya after being rescued from the captivity of Somalian pirates. The Prime Minister of Turkey met the sailors along with the President of Georgia.


Christmas Night at Khulo Church of Annunciation of the Virgin

Deputy Chairman of the Parliament Anzor Bolkvadze and Mikheil Makharadze, Chairman of the Supreme Council of Adjara together with the church parish met Christmas at Khulo Church of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary. 


IDP children from Abkhazia were presented gifts

By initiative of the Chairman of Abkhazian Government Giorgi Baramia and supported by the International humanitarian organization "Good Samaritan in Georgia", gifts were presented to IDP children from Abkhazia compactly settled at #104 kindergarten in Gldani, Tbilisi.


Abkhazian Government and “Nikora” company distributed presents among IDPs

Today, by initiative of the Government of A/R Abkhazia and "Nikora" company's financial support presents were given to Abkhazian families settled in Lilo, Tbilisi.

The main goal of the project was to show governmental concern and care about IDPs.


The visit of the Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia, David Bakradze to Great Britain

The Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia, David Bakradze took part in the Conference organized by the Conservative Party, held in Manchester. Within the scope of the above-mentioned Conference he met with the British Foreign Secretary William Hague, where the parties discussed the issues of regional security and Georgia-Russia relations.


On October 4 Geneva talk’s 17th round will be held

On October 4, 2011 another 17th round of Geneva talks will be held. Giorgi Baramia the chairman of the Government of A/R of Abkhazia already headed to Switzerland for participation. Giorgi Bokeria, Chairman of the National Security council will lead the Georgian delegation.


The visit of the Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia, David Bakradze to Sweden

Today, the Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia, David Bakradze took part in the Conference "European Eastern Neighborhood – between the Authoritarian and Democratic Transition”, held in Sweden, where the discussion was held on the topic "What can and shall EU do”.


Charity act for IDPs.

Initiated by the Government of A/R of Abkhazia food products were dispensed to IDP families from Abkhazia.

Today the Government Members dispensed food products to socially vulnerable IDPs settled in No140 kindergarten of Gldani 5th micro-region and to families of those killed in Abkhazian war as well as to the war 1st group invalids.


18 years has passed after Sokhumi’s fall

The Government of A/R of Abkhazia initiated an event "I love Abkhazia" dedicated to the 18th anniversary of the fall of Sokhumi. Symbolically, it was held near the occupied territory at Ganmukhuri. Georgians and Abkhazians were sat side by side in the amphitheatre. Sopo Khalvashi sung a new song on Abkhazia written by David Archvadze, verses by Nino Machavariani dedicated especially to this day. All participants and audience wore a white necklace with an inscription "I love Abkhazia". A poster photo-exhibition was also held showing 18 portraits of 1-18 years old children with signs on it "Permanent address - Abkhazia".


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