US Consulate Simplifies Issuing Non-immigrant Visas

US Consulate simplifies issuing non-immigrant visas.
From 1 May, Instead of completing DS-156, DS-157 and DS-158 forms, only DS-160 form will be necessary to complete, personal information with photograph will be attached to it. 
Completing the form will be possible only by internet, online regime -
After filling the form, electronic version will be sent to the consulate and appointments will be scheduled for visa interview. 
The first electronic DS-160 non-immigrant visa form public presentation was held today at Illia State University. University students and other interested people who attended the presentation, were introduced to the novelties by US Consular Chief Patrik Wingate, vice Consul and other collaborators of the consulate. 
Presentations will be held in big towns of Georgia till 30 April.



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