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"Today leaders of GPB (Georgian Public Broadcasting) announced about rupture of the contract with the TV Company PIK.

Simply to say, the channel is closed. PIK disappeared from the satellite. Argument of the public broadcaster allegedly unauthorized broadcasting by satellite Hotbird 13 degrees. And our silent protest on October, 15 "- wrote journalists of only in Georgia Russian-language channel "PIK ".

Journalists are reminded that while in the main news program, they asked a series of questions about the future of television, and not having answers, expressed their protest in silence. This protest, in the opinion of management of GPB, is a breach of contract with the TV Company PIK.

"As far as we know, the journalists have the right to ask questions. In our news block was not the statements and, especially, discredits" - said journalists.

"We demand freedom of speech. Demand that our viewers around the world were not indisposed to watch the PIK. We demand that at our channel and in the public TV were held audit, and the public got information about why the problems with financing of channel PIK raised before our protest news block. We demand to clarify what problem did our customer had with the content of the channel PIK and why we were not informed about it in advance.

We appeal to the non-governmental organizations, defenders of the rights of journalists, the staff of the Public Defender of Georgia and the state audits.

We need to get an answer - why the management of public broadcaster believes that only Russian-language broadcaster of Georgia should be off, "- is said in a statement the journalists of "PIK ".

We remind that the contract had been suspended between the public broadcaster of Georgia and TV Company "PIK". As noted in the statement of GPB, Georgia Public Broadcasting, which is the customer of channel "PIK", was not satisfied with such a conduct of a TV channel. In its statement, GPB said that the product is the property channel of GPB, and it is inadmissible using of this product inside corporate disputes.

Another reason of discontent of GPB - unauthorized transfer of broadcast of the TV "PIK" to another satellite - from "Turksat," which broadcasted Public Broadcasting to the "Globcast", with whom GPB ended all relations on October, 11.

In connection with the situation founders of channel "PIK" decided to suspend the channel between the public broadcaster and the PIK contract and start negotiations. GPB satisfied this requirement.

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