Inauguration of the new president of Georgia will take place on November, 17 in Tbilisi Featured

At the inauguration of the President of Georgia in Tbilisi will arrive 53 official delegations from both the friendly countries and international organizations, said Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia Maia Pandzhikidze.


The inauguration of the candidate from the ruling coalition "Georgian Dream" George Margvelashvili that on October, 27 won the presidential elections in Georgia will be held in Tbilisi on November 17.

According to Pandzhikidze, on Saturday at 17.30 in Tbilisi will arrive the President of Lithuania, Dalya Grybauskaite, who will represent not only their country, but also the European Union, where Lithuania at this period is the chairman.

"The President of Lithuania is not only the country but also the European Union. This is very important before the Vilnius summit that will take place on November 28-29) "- said Pandzhikidze .

Among the guests will be the prime ministers of Azerbaijan and Austria, seven foreign ministers and government representatives.

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