Georgia's transportation system will be brought in accordance with international standards Featured

The Georgian government will improve the transport system, will bring transport infrastructure in accordance with international standards by promoting the development of logistics centers and multimodal and intermodal transport.

According to the program, in the field of civil aviation, the Georgian government will promote the policy of "open sky", and at the same time, will provide implementation agreement "On common airspace between Georgia and Euro integration, States and its members".

"This will provide in the field of civil aviation development at the European level of flight safety, aviation security, environmental protection, consumers' protection and other areas, as well as the integration of Georgian airspace in the unified European air space" –is said in the document.

The Georgian government will develop a small aircraft and transport infrastructure in mountainous regions, which will contribute to the economic development of these regions.

Oli Pipia

Graduated from the Kazan State Pedagogical Univeristy- Faculty of foreign languages. Worked at Kanal PIK (K1), is the Editor in Chief at


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