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According to preliminary reports, ten people were killed and at least five were missing in floods in Tbilisi. The number of victims can increase. Heavy rainfall with hail began on Sunday night. Streams of water flooded the road and the first floors of buildings and homes. According to Georgian media reports, two young girls are missing who were in the center of Tbilisi during a rainstorm. In the area was also flooded zoo. Tigers, lions, wolves are believed to have also escaped damaged cages in the zoo. Some animals have been captured or killed but many are still roaming free. A hippopotamus was seen in the street and was later tranquilized and taken away. A bear was filmed clinging to a building to avoid the waters below.
Administration of the zoo reported of three missing colleagues. The river Vere came over, more than 20 families remain homeless.
Helicopters are involved to participate in the search and rescue operation. Are conducted searches for missing people. Police blocked several main thoroughfares of the Georgian capital; SWAT officers are catching escaped animals from the zoo. Tbilisi authorities urged people not to unnecessarily move around the city during.

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