Nana Dekanosidze


Research Associate

Westwood CA USA

(310) 597-9583

Miscellaneous Information

EDUCATION: 2004; MA Master of Art in special Education, Educational Therapy. California State University at Northridge, CA . 1981; BA Bachelor of Biology. Tbilisi State University, Country of Georgia. 1975; Diploma, High school education No 1 high school, Tbilisi, Country of Georgia WORKING EXPERIENCE: 2004 April- Educational Therapy intership program. At KAYNE/ERAS Center. Culver City, CA. Center specializes in educating children with mild and severe emotional problems, Autism spectrum disorders, and different Learning disabilities. 2004- present: Educational Therapist KAYNE/ERAS Center. Provide on one intensive instruction to children with emotional problems and different learning disabilities. Taking into consideration unique needs of these children I choose learning strategies that best serves their needs. One on one intensive instruction helps students to reach the annual academic objectives and goals written in their Individual Educational Plan. 2000-present: Instructor of Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Medical terminology, Los Angeles Vocational Institute, Los Angeles, California. 1997-2001: : Instructor of Anatomy and Physiology. “Meridian” Institute, Los Angeles, California. 1988-1995: Senior scientist, department of Biophysics, Biology faculty. Tbilisi State University, Country of Georgia. Carried out scientific investigations in the field of cell biology and bioenergetic, searched mechanisms of electron transfer of a respiratory chain of a mitochondrial membrane. 1982-1987: Faculty research assiciate’ Biology department, Tbilisi State University, Country of Georgia. TECHNICAL SKILLS: Spectrophotometry, polarometry, densitometry, gel electrophoresis. TEACHING EXPERIENCE: 2004-PRESENT: Educational therapist. One on one intensive instruction in algebra, geometry, science, reading, reading comprehension, writing. KAYNE/ERAS Center, Culver city, California 1997-present: Deliver lectures in anatomy, physiology, pathology at Los Angeles Vocational Institute. Los Angeles, California. 1986-1997: Delivered lectures in Biophysics and Biochemistry. Department of Biophysics, Tbilisi State Univesity.Country of Georgia. 1983-1996: Delivered lectures in Anatomy and Physiology. Department of Anatomy and Physiology. Tbilisi State University, Republic of Georgia. RESEARCH: Conducted research, created a guidelines of biomedical aspects of Autism Spectrum Disorders for parents and teachers working with children with Autism. Publications: 1995: N. Inasaridze, N. Dekanosidze, P. Tushurashvili. Dismutase sensitive and light inducible reduction of Nitro Tetrazolium by Ascorbic acid in the presence of Histidine. The Georgian Journal of Genetic Ecology, 1(2), 23-28. 1992: N. Dekanosidze, P. Tushurashvili. The Possible role of subunit with molecular weight of 41000 Dalton in formation of regulatory center of NADH:CoQ reductase region of respiratory chain of mitochondrial membrane of beef heart. Bulletin of the Georgian Academy of Sciences. 1992: N. Dekanosidze. Interaction of NADH:CoQ reductase region of respiratory chain of mitochondrial membrane of beef heart with P-CMB-modifiers of SH-groups. Bulletin of the Georgian Academy of Sciences, 145(2), 411-414. 1989: P. Tushurashvili, N. Dekanosidze, N. Inasaridze. Hysteretic interaction of NADH and of Mg ions with NADH:CoQ reductase region of respiratory chain of mitochondrial membrane. FEBS Letters, 24(2), 268-270. 1989: N.Z. Dekanosidze. Hysteretic interaction of NAHD and Mg ions with NADH;CoQ reductase region of respiratory chain of mitochondrial membrane. Bulletin of Georgian Academy of sciences, 136(2), 433-436. Certifications: Certificate of Authorization for Services as an instructor at California private postsecondary educational institute. Ares of competence: Anatomy, Physiology, Medical Transcription, Pathology. SKILLS: Trained in different reading programs such as “Willson’s reading program”;, “Seeing Stars” and others. Capable of providing instruction in chemistry, biology, math including Algebra. Multilingual. PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS: Association of Educational Therapists. Council for Exceptional Children. Languages: Georgian, Russian, English.


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