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Georgia’s progress in improving the business climate has been well documented in a number of international indices, including the World Bank’s Doing Business in 2007 survey, which hailed Georgia as the world’s number one reformer.
Irakli Gagua Research Fellow

Stock and bond markets: Last week the Galt & Taggart Index (GTI) fell by 9.04% to 561.8 in GEL terms on a trading volume of GEL 95,358. Four blue chip stocks traded on the Georgian Stock Exchange: Bank of Georgia (GEB, Buy, down 10.47%), Galt & Taggart Capital (GTC, Buy, unchanged), United Telecom of Georgia (UTC, Hold, unchanged) and People’s Bank of Georgia (AMB, up 33.33%). Blue chip stocks accounted for 100% of the total weekly trading volume.

Aching to get out into Georgia’s beautiful countryside? As one of UNESCO’s only listed natural monuments in Georgia, do yourself a favor and get in on the autumn colors at Lagodekhi Nature Reserve.

Due to its position blocked off by mountains on three sides, Lagodekhi Nature Reserve opens out towards the Caspian Sea, bringing a semi subtropical climate in the region and a variety of unique flora and fauna. With centuries-old virgin forests of hornbeam and oriental beech, birch and maple trees and thousand-year old yew trees, Lagodekhi is a wonder to behold and any visitor would be lucky to partake in the variety of eco-friendly activities available.

Duties on mineral water use will be differentiated according to its purpose and form of consumption. Namely, duty for drinking mineral water (including one extracted for bottling) makes up 3 lari per 1 cubic m; underground fresh water for bottling - 4 lari per cubic m, while its price for technical use is defined by 0.005 lari; on therapeutic mud - 1 lari per t. Duty was set on underground water extraction for external use (healing bath) as well - 0.04 lari per 1 cubic m.

By the law #4789 the Parliament of Georgia has ratified the agreement between Georgia and the Republic of Estonia on the avoidance of double taxation of income and capital gains and prevention of tax evasion. The effective date of the ratified treaty will be known once the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the two countries exchange the notes.