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ABKHAZIA INSTITUTE FOR SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC RESEARCH (AISER) stimulating intellectual environment and innovative social science and policy research are predicated on substantive and ongoing education and training. ISERP is distinguished by the breadth of its programming, which addresses the needs of doctoral students, as well as of faculty, postdoctoral fellows, masters students, local community leaders, and even high school students interested in the social sciences.


  • Projects
  • Regulations
    Legislation, regulations and guidance information for the competitions and other activities under the Education Research program
  • Programs

    Our publication list of books, consumer articles and peer-reviewed journal articles is extensive. We have served as technical consultants both nationally and internationally.

    • We create package of documents to open new school
    • We create policies and procedures for each program
    • We provide assistance to local educators in the development and improvement of vocational education programs, created new programs.
    • We prepare needed material in curriculum development and program planning for the use of local educational agencies.
    • We conduct conferences with vocational education teachers to improve their procedures and efficiency.
    • We advise school administrators concerning reimbursement for vocational education programs, including procedures to be followed and standards to be met.
    • We develop and coordinates studies to determine the need for vocational-technical education programs and facilities.
    • We develop plans for establishing programs as a result of studies.
    • We conduct studies in specific occupations to determine vocational education needs.
    • We advises teacher education institutions regarding the pre-service and in-service education of vocational teachers.
    • We prepares articles for publication, and radio, television, or personal presentations regarding vocational education.
    • We coordinates activities and programs, which are similar in nature between Job Training Partnership Act, vocational education, general education, and special education.
    • We oversee and monitor state and federally funded, vocational education programs.
    • We interpret state and federal legislation, and transfers it into guidelines and communications to local educational agencies.
    • We conduct meetings with business and industry officials to explain vocational programs, solicit their support, and to maintain current knowledge of businesses in order to advise school districts in their program areas.
    • We maintain records and prepares reports and correspondence related to the work.
    • We perform related work as assigned.

    To order new educational program, or open new schoo, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    • Please provide your contact information
    • Subject

    *****Our expert-consultant will contact you within one business day
  • Policies and Procedures for Medical Students
    Policies and Procedures of the Committee on Student Scholastic Standing

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