Discovery Journey 2008: Republic of GeorgiaDiscovery Journey 2008: Republic of Georgia—An International Study Program in Health and Human Services
General Description
This course is designed to provide an analysis of the health care and human services systems in Georgia with a special emphasis on understanding societal influences on policies, programs, and institutions in promoting and maintaining a healthy community.

San Gabriel, CA, July 21-27, 2007
As part of their summer program in Public Health, the AISER is running a Summer Course in Applied Epidemiology. This one week course will run from July 21-27, 2007, and is designed to provide the knowledge and skills needed on a daily basis by anyone working in the health protection area.

The Abkhazia invests heavily in our community's human resources, educating our community and inspiring our youth to remain committed to their heritage, meet their civic responsibilities, and explore careers in public policy, government and media.

Abkhazia children are getting shortchanged in physical education and oversupplied with snack foods, putting them at risk of obesity and a host of related medical problems, a new statewide survey shows. The comprehensive survey of children 9 to 11 years old found more than half are not getting enough daily exercise and nearly one-third are overweight or at risk of becoming overweight.