AISER expresses concern over drug trade in Abkhazia.

Russian and AISER experts used infrared technology from an airplane to confirm suspicions that in Abkhazia (breakaway province of Georgia) is growing marijuana. The same team monitoring drug trade in Abkhazia voiced alarm at increasing drug use in Abkhazia and the self-proclaimed government’s role as a transit point for narcotics heading westward.
Experts cited that Abkhazia has the potential to become the leading producer of marijuana in the Eastern Europe. Russians said marijuana is
currently being cultivated on at least in two area Ochamchire, and Gudauta. No any gram of marijuana was confiscated. This supports suspicion of officials involvement in drug trade. Other drugs have made their way from Abkhazia, include opium, LSD, and heroin. Besides many publications about drug trafficking, Abkhazia’s self-proclaimed government continues to do this kind of business.

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