Russia’s Geopolitical

Russia’s recent geopolitical moves have distinguished themselves from the earlier attempts to regain the influence once exercised by its predecessor states, the U.S.S.R.
Vasili Rukhadze Research Fellow

The following photographs were sent by the journalist (who I will not name due to his safety) who took the photo materials of the Concentration Camps (which they call detention camps) in Russian occupied Tskhinvali were so far hundreds of Georgian civilians are kept. He took these images with his cell phone camera and forwarded them to Human Rights Watch.

Habsburg Prediction Comes True Historical Background of Conflict WHY THE CHARLESTON MERCURY WENT TO GEORGIA

On February 25, 1921, after the first three years of independence the Democratic Republic of Georgia had seen in more than six centuries, Soviet tanks rolled into Tbilisi in what was the Russian Red Amy’s
Invasion of Georgia. Though the country was inundated with Soviet forces, it would be another three years before the Georgians stopped fighting. The international community ignored the violent destruction
of this ancient Christian democracy.

Following Photo materials were taken by the British journalist in Gori, Georgia on August 09, 2008 during the Russian air strikes against civilian targets where apartment buildings were heavily bombed. Almost all civilians within those apartment buildings were burned alive. Russian forces continue bombardment of cities and villages all across Georgia, including port city of Poti, Batumi, Senaki, Marneuli, Upper Abkhazia (former Kodory valley) and Georgian military bases of Vaziani. In Tbilisi, people are adviced to take shelter in the city subway. There is a huge propaganda and disinformation wave coming out from the Russian news agencies, therefore, please consult BBC, CNN and other western media for further information.

The Navy of the Russian Federation today appeared to have taken a further escalatory step in its aggressive war against Georgia. “The Russian Navy is imposing an illegal blockade on Georgia,” said Alexander Lomaia, Secretary of National Security Council of Georgia, late on Saturday. Over the last 48 hours, Russian naval vessels have turned back several ships bound for Georgia with humanitarian supplies.