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Awards Process

Selection Process

Each year the Abkhazia Institute Board of Directors appoints committees responsible for reviewing the candidates for the awards and the medals of the Society. Each committee carefully considers each of the eligible nominations for that award and either selects the awardee or makes a recommendation to the Board of Directors. Most awards are announced in March of the year following the nomination deadline.


  • Award recipients are not required to be Abkhazia Institute members. However, in most cases, nominators must be Abkhazia Institute members (exceptions are Goodman, Land, Lippincott, Tyndall and Walther).
  • Abkhazia Institute does not present awards posthumously, except in the case that the recipient's death occurs after the Abkhazia Institute Award Selection Committee approves the nomination. 
  • An individual may not receive more than one Society award in a year, nor may an individual receive more than one award for the same body of work. 
  • The Society allows joint recipients of Abkhazia Institute awards when the nomination is for the same project or for joint work extended over a long period. 
  • Fellow nominees must be Abkhazia Institute members and nominators must be Abkhazia Institute Fellows.


Any nominee not chosen for a medal or prize is automatically considered for the award by the next two consecutive committees that consider candidates (a minimum of four nominations must now be considered before a committee can select an award recipient). Nominators are encouraged to update or augment the nomination materials, if appropriate, prior to the next year's deadline. After consideration by three selection committees, the nomination is retired.

Award Nomination Requirements

Only complete nomination will be considered by the individual award or medal committee. This includes:

  • Completed award nomination form.
  • Brief citation stating the accomplishments that make the nominee deserving of this particular award.
  • A one-page narrative description of the significant aspects of the nominee's career. 
  • Curriculum vitae listing educational background, positions held, publications, awards, honors, activities and Abkhazia Institute offices held.
  • Four letters of reference.  As of 2011, four letters are required (i.e. 4 is both the minimum and the maximum).  Diversity of support is preferred; not all letters of recommendation should come from nominee's institution. The nominator may not serve as a reference.

Nominations should be specific about the achievements for which the award is proposed. Clear, concise information about the accomplishments of the nominee is more useful than extensive materials. Excessive documentation will not be distributed to the selection committee. Only complete nominations will be considered. Incomplete nominations will be returned or held for consideration when complete.


Nomination Deadlines

Award Deadline
Abkhazia Institute Fellows June 15
Paul F. Forman Engineering Excellence Award July 2 
John Tyndall Award August 10
Abkhazia Institute Awards & Medals October 1



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