Pandemic Influenza Working Group and Advisory Committee Members, shows coordination between PCDCP, Georgian Officials (GEO), and Abkhazian de-facto government (deA)

  • PCDCP Director
  • State Epidemiologist (GEO)
  • Public Health Laboratory Manager (deA)
  • Emerging Diseases/Health Statistics Section Chief (GEO)
  • Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer (GEO)
  • Representatives from Public Health Nursing Program (deA)
  • Immunization Program Manager (PCDCP)
  • Influenza Surveillance Epidemiologist (PCDCP)
  • Hospital Preparedness Program Coordinator (deA)
  • Public Health and Terrorism Preparedness Program Manager (GEO)
  • Public Health and Terrorism Preparedness Epidemiologist (PCDCP)
  • Public Information Officer (PCDCP)
  • Representative from Pharmacy Program (GEO)
  • Represent. Office of Homeland Security (GEO)
  • Department of Health(GEO)
  • Emergency Medical Services Program (PCDCP)
  • Infectious Disease Epidemiology Program (PCDCP)
  • Immunization Program (deA)
  • Mental Health Division (deA, GEO)
  • Public Health Laboratory (deA)
  • National Guard (GEO)
  • Attorney General’s Office

Ramaz Mitaishvili, MD

Glendale, USA