The Earth is missing a wonderful person, however, the Heaven received a new star

Gina  Gagua

15 years have passed since the majority of Sukhumi population has been evicted from the native land .For those who were born and raised there, Sukhumi meant more than just their place of birth; however, they were also deprived of their nationality.


Their souls were always full of Hope and Love towards the Heavenly Father.

Gina Gagua was one of those. It is hard to believe that we refer to her in the past tense. She was the daughter of a famous Georgian poet, Khuta Gagua, and a Senior Teacher of the Russian Language and literature, Mzia Gagua-Atanesian, the sister of Irakli Gagua and the wife of Ramaz Mitaishvili. Gina has obtained her excellent education at Tbilisi Medical University. She also got her major in Journalism. Here, in the United States of America, Gina has graduated from a Medical school and a Christian University. Having successfully passed her tests for medical license, Gina had brilliantly implemented her knowledge in the medical field during her unbelievably short life.     

Gina was a talented writer and a pianist, an artist and an author of tens of science books; she had Master’s degree in science both in the Soviet Union and in the United States. Gina had a brown belt in karate and she was a master in Tai chi; She was not able to obtain a black belt due to her medical condition.

People from Sukhumi knew her as Ginochka who was an excellent mother of two daughters and a caring and loving wife. As a real humble Christian she would always show love and kindness, compassion and understanding as a doctor and as a human being. Gina was actively involved in the charitable activity all over the world. Thanks to her, a lot of people came to Christ.

It is hard to realize that our beloved Ginochka is not with us any longer. However, we are confident that her Believe and her amazing life, her loyalty and love towards people will determine the right place for her in Heaven.

Gina, you will always live in our hearts.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holly Ghost. Amen.


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