In Georgia are preparing for the Youth Olympic Festival Featured

In May 2015, in Georgia will be held the Youth Olympic Festival.

Now actively are conducting preparatory works for comfortable conditions for fans and athletes - for main participants. From 49 countries are expected more than 3,000 young athletes, they will compete in 9 sports.

Recently, the place where the Olympic village is being built was visited by the Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili. He inspected the construction site and later told the press that the construction of the complex is likely will be completed ahead of schedule. He stressed the importance of the event, and that subsequently the new facilities will be used for the development of sports in Georgia. In particular, a new swimming pool, which is currently still under construction, can be maintained for training present and future champions. In addition, the preparing is conducted in the city, where a large influx of tourists is expected.

Hotels, entertainment venues, parks - it all will be ready to receive foreign guests. Tbilisi can be used modern innovative building technologies that ensure high rates of work and comfort indoors.

On May 25, 2015 a delegation from Georgia will receive the Olympic flame in Greece and will deliver it to the place of the Youth Olympic Festival. The event promises to be a big deal.

Oli Pipia

Graduated from the Kazan State Pedagogical Univeristy- Faculty of foreign languages. Worked at Kanal PIK (K1), is the Editor in Chief at


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